Everything You Need To Know About Trigger Point Injection Therapy

For you to treat pain it is important for an accurate diagnosis to be done in order to identify the causes. This is why it is important to choose a form of therapy that includes the performance of a physical exam and an assessment of your neurological and musculoskeletal system. Keep reading for you to know more about trigger point injection therapy.

Most people suffer from chronic pain which can be debilitating and diminish a person’s satisfaction in life. Trigger point injections are treatments for pain at certain trigger points especially the muscle. This kind of treatment has been found to be beneficial for myofascial and fibromyalgia pain. Basically trigger pain occurs at an area with a knot. For example, pain in the shoulder can result in pain in the neck or lower back. Trigger point injection is ideal if other forms of therapy don’t work. It is a less invasive and cost-effective form of therapy. The injection helps reduce inflammation in the area to relieve pain. Keep in mind that the injection does not treat the man issue directly; it just helps in pain management.

Trigger point injection therapy involves a physician examining the trigger points. The physician will press the areas surrounding the painful region to know the source of the pain. You can have more than one trigger point treated at the same time. It is a procedure that lasts for less than 30 minutes. However, for multiple trigger points, the time may increase. The recovery period is minimal. Common complaints from this form of therapy include soreness in the injected area. Make sure you keep the area clean to avoid infection.

It is essential to know that the pain may not go away after the first treatment. Your specialist may recommend more injections. If the trigger point injection therapy fails, consider an alternative treatment. Trigger point injection therapy is ideal for those who suffer from arm, neck, leg, and back pain. You need to consult a pain management specialist to know the causes of your pains. The causes of trigger points are as a result of an injury, stress, and repetitive movements. Active individuals and athletes experience such pains more.

The symptoms are a pain in the knotted muscles. You can notice a bump and pain around the region. The bump is caused by irritated nerves. Also, migraines are a sign that you need to trigger point injection therapy. Research is vital for you to identify reputable clinics that offer this form of therapy. Go online and have a look at treatment centers that offer nonsurgical care. Consider centers that are rated highly for quality services.

Additionally, choose a treatment center that offers different forms of therapy. This is an advantage because you may need to combine two forms of therapies for treatment to be effective. Read online reviews for you to know more about the reliability of the treatment center. It is advisable you choose a treatment center that has a good reputation. They also need to offer their services at an affordable price.

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