Make a Splash With Water Safety

Having a pool in your backyard is fun and saves you from driving to a crowded community pool on hot days in the middle of summer. Don’t forget these tips to keep you and your family safe as you splash around.

Proper Installation and Upkeep

If you are having a pool installed for the first time, do not try to do it yourself. Have a professional help so that you know for certain that the water pipes are all connected properly and that the pool is grounded. Similarly, if you experience a mechanical issue, use professional pool maintenance Pittsburgh. You may be tempted to attempt repairs on your own, but such matters are best left to a professional.


You must perform chemical tests regularly, even if your pool has a self-regulating chlorinator. Make sure that the pH stays between 7.2 and 7.8 and that your chlorine levels are between 3 and 10 parts per million. If you have a hot tub, chlorine levels should be higher since many bacteria thrive in warmer water. Store chemicals out of the reach of children and pets. These precautions will keep diseases from spreading, even if only you and your family use the pool.

Safety First

Pools are lots of fun, but they are also dangerous. They should be surrounded by fences that you lock at all times. If you have children, teach them basic swimming skills as soon as possible. Never allow them to be near the pool unsupervised. Do not assume that the fence is locked or that they know better than to jump in the water. If you have guests with children, advise the parents to be cautious and inform them of your safety rules.

Owning a pool requires work and comes with a certain amount of risk. However, if handled properly, few things are more relaxing than a properly-run pool at the end of a long summer’s day.