How To Best Maintain Your Riding Arena

Consistent maintenance of your riding arena is required to keep your arena in excellent condition. This keeps your horse free from injuries and allows you to have an enjoyable riding experience. The most important parts of caring for your arena are listed below.

Clean the Arena

Before you do any maintenance, you need to clean up the riding arena. Jumps need to be stored in a pole bracket caddy to get them off the ground. Any extra equipment that was brought out for training needs to be placed back inside the barn or storage area. If you do this after every ride, it doesn’t take much time and the arena is always ready to be freshened up.

Water the Area

Water can help reduce the dust in the air, strengthen the sand and additive mix and increase the stability of the surface. Keep the ground consistently moist at all times for the best results. How often you need to water depends on how much activity is going on, the weather and the climate.

Keep Sand and Additives Mixed

The vibrations from the horses moving around the riding arena cause the layers of particles to separate, with the smallest falling to the bottom. To maintain a stable surface it’s important to continually mix up the layers through grooming.

Groom the Surface

Grooming equipment rakes the surface and mixes the layers. The high-traffic areas compact more quickly, which means these areas need special attention. Your grooming routine depends on how often the arena is used and the weather.

Create a daily, weekly and yearly maintenance schedule to ensure you stay on top of the arena care. The main yearly task is flipping, which helps reblend all of the sand and additives in the arena. You and your horse will enjoy riding in a maintained arena.