Is Your Marine Business Expanding?

Growing a marine business in Florida means dealing with a hyper-competitive environment where almost all the real estate is already controlled. That means a lot of the time, you need to figure out how to build more in the space you have. When you do manage to expand your site size, you’ll also need experts who understand construction for this industry to get the best quality build you can with all the safety and features your company needs.

Options for Multi-Service Businesses

Because of the nature of marine businesses, many companies that start in one niche eventually expand to offer more. That’s why it’s not uncommon to find boat repair businesses running their own marinas or marinas with attached entertainment and dining facilities. When you work with a company that makes Florida marine construction their business, your expansion benefits from the previous projects they have done to help companies like yours expand and do more. That means they’re thinking about the particular safety features a marine business needs, not just general design principles that apply to every kind of building.

Waterfront Development Is Tricky

Erosion and the ever-changing sea floor are major components of marine construction, so you need to work with people who understand the forces at play in your location. Even marine builders can find themselves unprepared when working with unfamiliar geography, and the behavior of the waterfront near the Keys is very different from the northern Atlantic part of the coast, and both are quite distinct from the western Gulf coast. If you’re working on building any kind of new construction, even if it’s part of a renovation, you need to find the builders who have worked in the area before to have the best range of expertise weighing in on your project. What comes next? Well, you also need to decide if you’re going with an all in one firm that can also do your design work or hiring an outside architect.