4 Key Steps Involved in the Home Remodeling Process

Individuals, especially homeowners, do home remodeling for one major reason, to increase the value of a home. Moreover, this causes a ripple effect as safety issues are addressed, and there is comfort for you and your family. Having your finances in order is very critical to the completion of the project. One must lower expectations and be realistic. Hiring professionals from a reputable home remodeling company will smoothen the process. Professionals will help with selecting colors, equipment, and fixtures to be replaced.

home remodeling

Budgeting helps a great deal as one can plan for unexpected costs when home remodeling. For example, it is not sensible to upgrade the kitchen, which has a leaking roof. Additionally, it is important to complete structural jobs before making any cosmetic changes. The following steps are important while remodeling.

Develop a plan

Ensure you have a detailed plan clearly stating your home remodeling goals. The plan should include;

  • An outline of work needed to be completed
  • Designs inspirations
  • A list of wants and needs for the project
  • Blueprints of the finished projects

The project steps may be divided into professional steps and DIY steps, depending on the professionalism required. Also, don’t be blind to permits and local zoning regulations. Some states require specific permits while remodeling certain home structures like the garage.

Set a budget

It is recommended to set of your budget for unexpected costs. While building your project, request multiple cost estimates from different contractors. A project plan is helpful as it will eliminate elements that are of less priority. The project budget should include;

  • Costs for building materials
  • Costs for permits
  • Costs of cosmetic touches or decorations
  • Labor costs

Hire contractors

Choosing contractors should not be based on cost estimates alone; it’s important to consider several other aspects: years of experience, certification, and licenses. Different contractors require different certifications to perform specific tasks. Also, verify they have workers’ compensation and liability insurance. The payment schedules for an upright contractor who is not paid fully upfront. Additionally, request references and call them. However, most contractors will write references to customers with whom they have a good rapport.

Have a timeline

Setting a completion date with the hired team of contractors will keep you focused. The dates are discussed with the team to ensure you have factored in the time needed for;

  • Shipping and delivery of materials
  • Cleaning out the area
  • Any holidays and leave days

Adjust the calendar days for any hiccups that may occur during the demolition and remodeling process.

Lastly, prepare the space to be remodeled. If a kitchen is being renovated, avoid using that room as it is not hygienic. Time is a key factor while remodeling. Homeowners that plan to live in a home for many years opt for major changes. Legacy houses that are often generational and inherited fall into this category. Choosing the best materials will make sense in such a scenario. The materials include; stone surfaces, copper downspouts, durable floors, and metal roofs.

Health is an important factor while home remodeling. Relatives with physical disabilities and aged family members may be required to use facilities on the same level, thus avoiding a fleet of stairs. Remodelers use a universal design to ensure there is comfort. Often, an unused living room may be converted to a master bedroom. Additionally, a temporary solution may include installing light switches, ramps, and handles at wheelchair level.

Nonetheless, the contractor you select should provide you with viable options that fit into your budget. Home remodeling is more affordable than moving houses. Moving costs can skyrocket when you factor in the broker commissions, closing costs, and moving expenses. The new house may need major repairs in the next few years, so why not remodel the house you are residing in?