DIY gardening, do it all yourself

If you’re really into gardening, you probably tried a lot of methods concerning a lot of different things when it comes to this. Doing things yourself isn’t new and weird when you like gardening and everything that comes with it. Maybe this DIY phenomenon isn’t either, but if it is, maybe it’s worth a shot? If you look into it a bit you might find a lot of things online. You’ll find good alternatives for certain things, and other things you’ll see and think to yourself “What am I looking at right now?”. A lot is possible when it comes to DIY-ing, and if you think it could work, please be my guest and try it out to see for yourself.


If you go to youtube and type the search words into the search bar, I’m sure you’ll find loads of different video’s from a lot of different channels. You’ll find videos made for people who like gardening as well. Tips about putting your flowers, fruits and vegetables into the ground and keeping your lawn looking good are easily found here. Some YoutTubers are also sponsored by certain brands, they advertise a certain brand or product based on their content and they’ll try to make you want it by testing it, giving you a discount code or doing a giveaway.

Give us a DIY then

Reading this might have led to you wanting an actual DIY tip. For example, changing up your lawn feed. The weirdest things might just be the new thing you’ll use for your lawn. Beer – something you’d never believe is actually good for your plants – is full of the best nutrients for your plants and bacteria. And ammonia exists out of hydrogen and nitrogen, and guess what, plants LOVE nitrogen. If you end up mixing these with a couple more things, you might just have the perfect lawn feed. And what about a moss killer? If you mix up some salt, soap, vinegar and water, you might just have the newest solution to your moss problem.

Do they all work?

Sadly they do not. Some might work for some people and others won’t work at all. Don’t do things that might hurt you in any way, so make sure everything you do is safe for you and your health. And if something looks risky or too good to be true, don’t try everything at once either, some mixtures might even ruin your garden and lawn. Be careful.