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How To Best Maintain Your Riding Arena

Consistent maintenance of your riding arena is required to keep your arena in excellent condition. This keeps your horse free from injuries and allows you to have an enjoyable riding experience. The most important parts of caring for your arena are listed below.

Clean the Arena

Before you do any maintenance, you need to clean up the riding arena. Jumps need to be stored in a pole bracket caddy to get them off the ground. Any extra equipment that was brought out for training needs to be placed back inside the barn or storage area. If you do this after every ride, it doesn’t take much time and the arena is always ready to be freshened up.

Water the Area

Water can help reduce the dust in the air, strengthen the sand and additive mix and increase the stability of the surface. Keep the ground consistently moist at all times for the best results. How often you need to water depends on how much activity is going on, the weather and the climate.

Keep Sand and Additives Mixed

The vibrations from the horses moving around the riding arena cause the layers of particles to separate, with the smallest falling to the bottom. To maintain a stable surface it’s important to continually mix up the layers through grooming.

Groom the Surface

Grooming equipment rakes the surface and mixes the layers. The high-traffic areas compact more quickly, which means these areas need special attention. Your grooming routine depends on how often the arena is used and the weather.

Create a daily, weekly and yearly maintenance schedule to ensure you stay on top of the arena care. The main yearly task is flipping, which helps reblend all of the sand and additives in the arena. You and your horse will enjoy riding in a maintained arena.

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Want to Eliminate Bugs?

Pest control is an essential move towards avoiding health complications and discomfort. Yet, you must establish an excellent approach to eliminate these bugs. Thanks to the multiple options available, getting rid of these pests is relatively hassle-free. The following elimination methods will suffice.

Use Peppermint Oil or Neem Oil

Peppermint and neem essential oils are an ideal method of eliminating bugs. Peppermint oil comes in handy in repelling spiders, mosquitos, mice, and spiders. On the other hand, neem is suitable for roaches and moths. All you need to do is add a few drops of this oil along with your doorways and vents. In addition, you could apply it repeatedly, depending on the extent of the problem.

Dish Soap

Suppose you have a problem with ants. In this case, it would be best to use dish soap, thanks to its effectiveness and affordability. You’ll need to mix this soap with water, spraying it wherever you find the most ants. Sometimes, adding this dish soap to an essential oil will help improve its efficacy.

Cooking Oil

Surprisingly, various cooking oils will help eliminate bug problems in your house. You could add a little oil to a syrup concoction, enhancing its potency. This option is excellent when dealing with roaches and ants. In addition, it is suitable for houses with pets and children, as it comes with no harmful chemicals.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has the potency to kill various harmful pests. However, it works best for bed bugs. Ensure that you spread where you find the most bed bugs. Repeat this procedure with fresh baking powder or soda after a couple of days. Remember, this is yet another safe bug spray.

In conclusion, there is no one-dimensional approach to eliminating bugs. Instead, you will need a method that works best for you. Combining a couple of those mentioned above will also come in handy.

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CBN Oil and its Potential Benefits

Cannabinol (CBN) is one of the many chemical compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants alike. It can be extracted and turned into beneficial CBN oil that does not have the psychoactive properties of marijuana. CBN oil contains a very tiny percentage of THC and is not considered to be psychoactive or intoxicating like its potent cousin.

CBN is not the same as CBD, which is a cannabidiol and is similarly extracted from hemp plants instead of cannabis. Neither CBN nor CBD create the intoxicating effects that users get from marijuana. CBN and CBD oils. While they do contain THC and could cause a failed drug test for THC, the levels are too low to impair people.

CBN oil is a newer product and much less tested than CBD oil. So there is not as much known about its potentially beneficial effects as there is about CBD. But early studies so far suggest CBN oil has promising medicinal effects. CBN oil can help people to get a good night’s sleep. There also is evidence that CBN can help reduce anxiety

CBN is the byproduct of the oxidation and eventual decomposition of the THC found in hemp plants. When the THC is heated naturally and gets exposed to oxygen, it converts to CBN. It becomes useable when turned into CBN oil that vape pens can burn to deliver the compound. So there is no smoking involved with CBN oil, which is another benefit by reducing the potential for smoke damage to the lungs.

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DIY gardening, do it all yourself

If you’re really into gardening, you probably tried a lot of methods concerning a lot of different things when it comes to this. Doing things yourself isn’t new and weird when you like gardening and everything that comes with it. Maybe this DIY phenomenon isn’t either, but if it is, maybe it’s worth a shot? If you look into it a bit you might find a lot of things online. You’ll find good alternatives for certain things, and other things you’ll see and think to yourself “What am I looking at right now?”. A lot is possible when it comes to DIY-ing, and if you think it could work, please be my guest and try it out to see for yourself.


If you go to youtube and type the search words into the search bar, I’m sure you’ll find loads of different video’s from a lot of different channels. You’ll find videos made for people who like gardening as well. Tips about putting your flowers, fruits and vegetables into the ground and keeping your lawn looking good are easily found here. Some YoutTubers are also sponsored by certain brands, they advertise a certain brand or product based on their content and they’ll try to make you want it by testing it, giving you a discount code or doing a giveaway.

Give us a DIY then

Reading this might have led to you wanting an actual DIY tip. For example, changing up your lawn feed. The weirdest things might just be the new thing you’ll use for your lawn. Beer – something you’d never believe is actually good for your plants – is full of the best nutrients for your plants and bacteria. And ammonia exists out of hydrogen and nitrogen, and guess what, plants LOVE nitrogen. If you end up mixing these with a couple more things, you might just have the perfect lawn feed. And what about a moss killer? If you mix up some salt, soap, vinegar and water, you might just have the newest solution to your moss problem.

Do they all work?

Sadly they do not. Some might work for some people and others won’t work at all. Don’t do things that might hurt you in any way, so make sure everything you do is safe for you and your health. And if something looks risky or too good to be true, don’t try everything at once either, some mixtures might even ruin your garden and lawn. Be careful.

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Getting Trees Removed Can Quickly Improve and Expand Landscapes

Specific trees can cause significant problems for years. People might think that they’ll need to cope with those issues each time. However, if they get these trees either trimmed or removed, they might already be able to address all of these landscaping problems at once.

Several Concerns

A tree that’s in the wrong place can already contribute to more than one issue in a lawn. If the tree is large enough and its branches are long enough, many other nearby plants might not receive almost any sunlight. Trees naturally need much more water than most other plants, especially if those trees are large enough. When it rains, it’s also relatively easy for the water to accumulate on the branches of particularly large trees.

The shape of the branches will matter as well. Some branches are very good at holding comparatively large amounts of water. The plants located below the tree will not be able to benefit from that water, which also won’t be especially helpful for the tree. When people notice that their plants are starting to get dry, they should immediately look for possible causes. If a tree is taking most of the nearby water in one way or another, only the plants in that one spot should be having problems.

A lawn can certainly have multiple problems with water, but an individual tree could be the source of all of them in some landscapes. Contacting a tree service Charlotte NC-based or somewhere else might help people with any tree problems.

Newer Trees

People who are worried that they’ll miss the trees that they’ve removed can make plans to have new trees planted. They may even decide to get more than one small tree planted after the larger one gets removed, since they could suddenly have the space.

The newer and smaller trees will take up less of the landscape’s space than the larger tree, even when more than one of them is planted. These trees will get larger with time, but they shouldn’t consume all that much water in the beginning.

Some people may have been interested in changing the trees in their front lawns anyway. It’s common for people to more or less build entire landscapes around a few trees. The older tree may have been limiting the individuals who wanted to do something different with their back or front lawns. Newer trees might immediately give them more landscaping options.

An unhealthy tree may look awkward when it’s part of an otherwise very fresh and modern landscape. People may also need that space for their new landscapes. Once a big tree has been removed, the yard itself will already immediately look different. Some people may immediately decide to find another use for the new section of the lawn.

Other people may need to give their yards more time to recover, since the damage that the original tree caused might not disappear immediately. However, once the tree is out of the way, it should usually … Read More