Humidity Can Influence Your Comfort

How Humidity Can Influence Your Comfort and How Can You Control it?

We all know that in summers, when the humidity is high, even the in-room temperature can be greater than the temperature outside. This can be cited by measuring your rooms’ thermostat readings during a hot and humid day.

How to measure your room’s humidity and temperature?

You’ll need a working Hygrometer for performing this experiment. This should be done by every homeowner to get an idea of the building’s humidity intake. Put the hygrometer at the center of your room and let it for at least 15-20 minutes. Make sure that you don’t keep it a wall or a ventilator. You’d want the result to be as accurate as possible. Take 5 readings from the hygrometer at “humidity mode.”

Now, use the “temperature mode” on the hygrometer and repeat the same process. Take 5 readings of your room’s temperature. Use the same process to take humidity and temperature data from the other rooms as well. The result should not fluctuate more than 5% in all the rooms. Take the average readings and compare them with the industry-standard readings.

How Moisture affects a building’s performance?

It is as simple as that: When a building has low humidity- you add humidity, and when a building has more humidity- you remove humidity. For adding humidity in a building, one can add ‘humidifiers’ for the required help. To remove humidity, you can either lower the airflow or install dehumidifiers in the building.

If the humidity is still a problem in your region, you might have to pay a visit to your building’s HVAC system and get it checked by a professional.

Leakages and cracks on the building’s wall are some of the most apparent reasons for increased humidity inside the building during summers. Moisture may enter into your home via these leaks and cracks, and they humidify your room’s condition in no time.

Effects of HVAC systems

HVAC systems, surprisingly, are the most influencing factors for buildings having low or high humidity issues. For example, in the winter season, there is usually a leak created on the attic by the return ducts of your HVAC. This leak is responsible for driving out hot air from the room and lowering the room’s humidity. The same leak is responsible for adding moisture in the room in the summer season. HVAC’s supply ducts are also accountable for moisture and humidity issues in your home. They can create negative air pressure inside a building is there’s a leak near the supply duct. In a negative air pressure situation, the moisture will be pulled inside the room whenever you switch-on a fan.

How can you control the humidity level to match it with your comforts?

There are many ways by which you can control the humidity of your building in any season. By regularly maintaining your HVAC systems and checking for leaks can do half of the job for you. Humidification and dehumidification- both services are readily … Read More

Three Important Checks for Your Home During Seasonal Changes

If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to keep your home in good condition to maintain its value and prevent costly damage. This is especially true when the weather takes a major turn from warm to cold or vice versa. Be sure to address these three important issues every time there is a major seasonal change.

Pest Inspection and Prevention

Schedule an appointment with pest control services twice a year to make sure your home hasn’t become a welcome area for potential pests. Ants and flies tend to become an issue when the weather turns warm, whereas small rodents tend try to work their way indoors when the temperatures drop. An experienced exterminator can look for signs of infestation and help take preventative steps to keep your home free of unwanted guests. In most cases, they will look for holes that need patching and will use a deterrent spray around the outside of your house. There are also many all-natural solutions for indoors, such as peppermint to repel mice.

HVAC Check and Tune-Up

Whether it’s time to switch to heat or AC, it’s a good idea to have your HVAC system inspected to check for potential leaks or issues. In addition, a tune-up can help ensure that your system is running more efficiently, which could save you a substantial amount of money on your energy bills. It’s also an important safety precaution, especially when switching to heat, as there is a higher potential for fires caused by debris or dust in your system.

Door and Window Seals

When outdoor temperatures become more extreme, it’s important to check the seals around your doors and windows. Leaks could lead to difficulty maintaining your desired indoor temperature, causing your heat or AC to run longer and wasting energy and money. Check your seals twice a year and caulk them as needed.

When the weather changes, don’t ignore these three critical checks for your home. You can save yourself some serious headaches with simple preventative maintenance.

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Is Your Marine Business Expanding?

Growing a marine business in Florida means dealing with a hyper-competitive environment where almost all the real estate is already controlled. That means a lot of the time, you need to figure out how to build more in the space you have. When you do manage to expand your site size, you’ll also need experts who understand construction for this industry to get the best quality build you can with all the safety and features your company needs.

Options for Multi-Service Businesses

Because of the nature of marine businesses, many companies that start in one niche eventually expand to offer more. That’s why it’s not uncommon to find boat repair businesses running their own marinas or marinas with attached entertainment and dining facilities. When you work with a company that makes Florida marine construction their business, your expansion benefits from the previous projects they have done to help companies like yours expand and do more. That means they’re thinking about the particular safety features a marine business needs, not just general design principles that apply to every kind of building.

Waterfront Development Is Tricky

Erosion and the ever-changing sea floor are major components of marine construction, so you need to work with people who understand the forces at play in your location. Even marine builders can find themselves unprepared when working with unfamiliar geography, and the behavior of the waterfront near the Keys is very different from the northern Atlantic part of the coast, and both are quite distinct from the western Gulf coast. If you’re working on building any kind of new construction, even if it’s part of a renovation, you need to find the builders who have worked in the area before to have the best range of expertise weighing in on your project. What comes next? Well, you also need to decide if you’re going with an all in one firm that can also do your design work or hiring an outside architect.

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Exciting Renovations That Can Take Your Home To a New Level

When you have been in your home for a while, you may find you want to change a few things about your house to make it more of what your dream castle would be. When that happens, there are so many ideas you may find during your research you may become overwhelmed. To simplify the process, here are the most popular and exciting renovations most people have found that take can take your home to a whole new level.

Outdoor Modern Kitchen

Whether you want to improve your deck, or you are starting from scratch, an outdoor kitchen can make cookouts with family and friends more fun than ever before. You can add a sink next to your gas grill, toss in a mini fridge and wine cooler, and even add a food prep area.

Built In Pool

You can never go wrong with a backyard pool if you love to swim. Contact a Pittsburgh pool installers company for quotes, and you may find it costs much less than you think to build the pool of your dreams.

Indoor Garden Area

For people that love gardening and cooking, why not create an indoor garden area filled with fresh herbs and salad greens all year long. Add running water, a tomato plant, and some brightly color flowers to create a peaceful indoor nook you will want to spend hours sitting next to.

Open Floor Plan

One of the most daring ways to renovate your home is by tearing down enough walls to create a huge open space between your kitchen and family room. Since the open floor concept is so popular, you will be adding value to your home while creating a beautiful open space.

You can take your home to a whole new level with some simple renovations. Why not choose one and begin today!

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What Does a Locksmith Do?

These days, many people don’t need to carry keys with them at all. Keyless entry systems for cars, homes and businesses have revolutionized the way we think about locks. The principal of locking something up securely hasn’t changed however. While the means of locking have changed, a trained Orlando locksmith has kept up with technology and still offers the same services, just with different tools.

Residential Services

If you’ve moved into a new home or have security concerns about your current one, an Orlando locksmith can provide a variety of helpful solutions. They can “change the locks” in a traditional sense, where they place new locks or doorknobs with locking systems in points of entry, and provide keys to use them. They can also take your home into the digital age with keypad openers or other keyless entry devices that are both convenient and secure.

Business Services

An Orlando locksmith can provide the same services to a commercial or business property as they can for a home, but with added layers of security. Many companies look to locksmiths to customize entry and alarm systems to keep their campuses secure. These can include keypad and keycard-based solutions.

Emergency Services

Of course, the time most people think about locksmiths is when they are locked out of their home or office, and need someone to perform emergency unlocking services. With their highly specialized training and tools, they will be able to get you into your home or office.

Custom Keys and Safes

Locksmiths can also make or “cut” keys for you, if you need duplicates. They can also help you set up secure and stylish safes for valuable documents and expensive items.

Locksmiths have been around for centuries and they know their trade well. You can rest easy and feel comfortable trusting them with your security, or to help you out of a jam!

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